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79005 m. Lviv, vul. Franka, 23, of. 41

Phone number:

+38 (032) 2256455
+38 (067) 3748676

Contact person :

Yaremchuk Kateryna Andriyivna


Tsura Andriy Volodymyrovych - direktor

Working hours

Mon: 09:00 - 18:00

Tue: 09:00 - 18:00

Wed: 09:00 - 18:00

Th: 09:00 - 18:00

Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

Sat: 09:00 - 18:00


Registration number: 36500470

Information :

Number of employees: 6

Year of foundation: 2009

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About the company

The company ”A & T Consulting”, for a long time in western Ukraine, has successfully established itself in cooperation with leading Ukrainian companies.

The main objective of the company - professional services in the field of investment, tax, accounting, legal and marketing consulting. We offer a wide range of companies, irrespective of the type of activity.

Professionalism, established search engine of economic information, the general partner and representative network close cooperation with local governments allow us to effectively address issues of each client. This integrated approach helps reduce legal and financial risks, ensuring your stability and competitiveness of.

The basic principle of our work is flawless reputation, credibility and mutual client. Following the rules of international business, we ensure our customers high quality services, professional approach and complete privacy.

Key words that characterize our activity:


Consulting company ”A & T Consulting” offers to your attention a wide range of services:

1. Accounting
- Organization of accounting and taxation;
- Optimize workflow enterprises;
- Restoration of accounting;
- Implementation of accounting automation | consideration;
- Preparation and submission of reports for internal and external users.

2. Audit
- Audit business entities different forms of ownership;
- Confirmation of liquidation (transfer) balance sheet;
- Audit issuers keepers and securities;
- Confirmation of the reliability of financial reporting;
- Check the status and organization of accounting and taxation.

3. Tax support
- Development of optimization schemes;
- Preparation for tax checks;
- The tax accounting;
- Assistance in the preparation of tax returns, review of tax audits.

4. administrative analysis and decision-making
- Develop business schemes aimed at optimizing business activities, financial planning and cash flows (logistics);
- Market research based CVP-analysis (profitability analysis of products on the basis of determining break-even point);
- Analysis of Breakeven agreements;
- Calculation of the need for loans and assistance in lending, the auditor’s report on the financial condition and solvency of the company, preparation of feasibility studies;
- Assistance in decision making in business organization based on financial and economic calculations.

5. Financial and Economic Analysis
- Analysis of key indicators of financial and business enterprises;
- Analysis of business plans, their cost-effectiveness;
- Calculation and analysis of the economic potential of enterprises;
- Calculation of efficiency of investment decisions for investors on loans and investments.

6. Consulting
- Oral and written advice on tax and accounting, office organization, marketing and logistics, consultations by phone;
- Providing consulting assistance in organizing new business enterprises, implementation of new projects;
- Development of schemes and help to return debts;
- Practical help in negotiations with contractors and tax authorities;
- Provision of financial and economic security of the client;
- Help the client in dealings with the bank concerning bank loans and opening lines of credit;
- Assistance in conducting securities transactions;
- Information on changes in legislation.

7. Legal Services
- Registration and re-registration of businesses all forms of ownership;
- Legal analysis of contracts and agreements;
- Maintain claims, arbitration;
- Assistance in concluding agreements with contractors.

1. Representation of natural and legal persons in relation to all state agencies and institutions (State Tax Inspectorate, Customs, Audit Office control, law enforcement, etc.);
2. Representation of natural and legal persons in courts of law, administrative, economic and arbitration courts;
3. Legal subscription services businesses;
4. Appeal of tax notices, VAT refunds, customs appeal against actions (failure-cards), etc;
5. Participation in negotiations and contracting, development and legal review of contracts, agreements, contracts etc.
6. Reorganization and liquidation, bankruptcy, arbitration services managers;
7. Protection of business and corporate disputes;
8. Valuation of property (real estate), business, corporate rights (shares, shares, etc.), investment projects.

Antikollektorskih SERVICES:

1. Full legal support relationship with the lender and the borrower collection company;
2. Representation of the borrower in the trial and at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
3. Minimizing penalties on overdue debt, installment or debt restructuring;
4. Qualified legal assistance to the claims of creditors;
5. Return deposit (bank deposits), offsetting the deposit and loan.